v1.0.2 - Uploaded 01/05/2020 - PUBLIC RELEASE
Build size = 9460kb. (Due to preload bundles now being enabled, which increases the size!)
Implements the bundle preloading. Updated gulpfile.js and local-fork of playcanvas-tools.
v1.0.1 - Uploaded 29/04/2020
Fix bug where older accounts may not show Daily Rewards due to flag "SeenTutorial" remaining false.
Added CSP (Content Security Policy) meta tag to the index.html, per Snap's new policies.
v0.9.52 - Uploaded 24/04/2020
3D Scene is no longer shown behind (a) Daily Rewards and (b) any Adverts in the frontend.
Re-factor and Improve Frontend init flow, only initialise frontend things AFTER Daily Reward is completed.
v0.9.51 - Uploaded 23/04/2020 
Tweak Daily Rewards based on various feedback.
v0.9.47 - Uploaded 21/04/2020 
Daily Rewards updated. Can now award Lenses as well as $$$.
SnapCanvas SDK version updated to v1.2.3 (was previously v1.2.0). Update sc-sdk.js in our scripts.
v0.9.44 - Uploaded 09/04/2020 - PUBLIC RELEASE
Fix: Attempt to make auth flow more robust to reduce errors on GameAnalytics ("BackendController.authenticate(): Empty username!");
Upgrade the GameAnalytics SDK from 4.0.6 to 4.0.10 (https://github.com/GameAnalytics/GA-SDK-JAVASCRIPT).
v0.9.43 - Uploaded 08/04/2020
Fix: Level 15 players now invoke AwardXP() on the server, so played levels are added to the account inventory. Fixes repeated levels being served.
v0.9.42 - Uploaded 02/04/2020
Change InGame Advert cooldown timer from 3s to 6s.
v0.9.41 - Uploaded 02/04/2020
MovePuzzleShape() function safeguarded. Changed some asserts to runtime checks.
Change Advert cooldown timer from 3s to 6s.
v0.9.40 - Uploaded 31/03/2020
Add analytics events for auth success and auth failure: "AuthSuccess:${this.authAttempts}", "AuthFailed:${this.authAttempts}"
Restore feature (removed in 0.9.36) where players can tap a block to switch character, then immediately move the block. This involved server work, since if switching to another colour is rejected (by the server), need to undo the select and/or move.
v0.9.37 - Uploaded 23/03/2020
Fix: When a player leaves the session (app quit) any shapes that are selected by the player will now be deselected on the server, then broadcast to the remaining clients.
Inactivity kick payload from the server no longer contains a full board-state.
Fix: When a board-state resync occurs, any PuzzleShape deselected by the client is deselected (which is the same), but now that deselection gets broadcast to the other clients in the session. (Incorrectly assumed that a board-state reset on the server would also deselect anything selected, but that's not the case).
v0.9.36 - Uploaded 23/03/2020
Fix (big one): Selecting a character is now fully server authoritative. This should fix all sorts of bugs and weirdness.
When other players select/deselect characters, the select/deselect anims and sound-fx are now shown on the client.
As a result of character changes not always being guaranteed (since the server now arbitrates changes in the character slots), the gameplay feature where you could press on a coloured block, and switch to that character, and thus immediately start to move that block, has been removed.
v0.9.34 - Uploaded 17/03/2020
Greatly improved the code for XP awarding, making it more robust, including behaviour when close-to or at Max Player Level.
Fix: Results screen could sometimes have display overlaps if boosting XP by watching advert. Now fixed.
Fix: Spectators could become active player by clicking on a bot. Now fixed.
The player profile now shows a player's Total XP, rather than accumulation of XP towards the next Player Level.
Note: If at Level 15, and player has reached the XP limit, it will add " (MAX XP)" at the end, so: "150,000XP (MAX XP)"
Removed "EARLY ACCESS" from loading screen.
Added analytics event for pressing the View Leaderboard button in the frontend.
v0.9.32 - Uploaded 13/03/2020
PUBLIC RELEASE. Nakama Server endpoint = PROD_2
Build size = 4603kb.
v0.9.31 - Uploaded 13/03/2020
FTUE tutorial level picking - now chooses the L-1 player furthest advanced in the tutorial as the puzzle to use.
Speed up the celebration routine at the end of the puzzle.
Speed up the XP gloop animation - about twice as quick now.
XP Award for L-1 players is now a fixed amount. Is currently 600 but is configured on the backend using the FtueXPAward property. (Also new addition).
Add Sesion.validateSessionMembers function to track down why getting occasional duplicated character indices.
And similar logging added to the server code to track down the duplicated char indices issue.
v0.9.27b - Uploaded 10/03/2020
Build size = 4602kb.
FTUE changes. Server changes needed for this. Now the server will only pick a tutorial level (id 3, 4, or 5) if all players are L1.
v0.9.26 - Uploaded 09/03/2020
Build size = 4602kb.
Implements Leaderboards. New Leaderboard button on the Frontend Home screen.
v0.9.24 - Uploaded 05/03/2020
Build size = 4597kb.
Put the 1024 x 128 SLIPSTREAM LABS texture back on to the loading screen.
Fix Share button missing textures. (Caused by a change to PlayCanvas setup in merged branch bugs/vote-winner-left-session)
v0.9.23 - Uploaded 05/03/2020
Build size = 4590kb.
Upgrade the GameAnalytics SDK from 3.1.2 to 4.0.6 (https://github.com/GameAnalytics/GA-SDK-JAVASCRIPT).
Fix: Analytics event when error initialising Ad SDK in SnapCanvasHelper.initAds() could sometimes not be sent.
v0.9.22 - Uploaded 04/03/2020
Build size = 4590kb.
Remove some assets which weren't used at all, saves a few more KB.
Fix asserts seen on WayneFab, where a session-member exits during voting causing assert on the voting-results screen.
v0.9.21 - Uploaded 03/03/2020
Build size = 4636kb.
Analytics code tweak - remove calls to AnalyticsManager.isEnabled() - was redundant.
Bitmojis - we were downloading 512x512 Bitmojis, 4 players about 12 variants. Reduced this to 128x128 size. (Note that the voting-results-winner bitmoji is still displayed using a 512x512 texture).
More texture optimisations - anything containing "diffuse" was crunched. Reduces build size by a further ~117KB.
More texture optimisations - Gradient sprites move to their own TextureAtlas, and re-done.
More texture optimisations - SLIDERS_ICONS SHEET_01.png modified (Gradient bits cut-out, see above), then palettised and re-imported. PNG before = 123KB, PNG after = 49KB.
v0.9.20 - Uploaded 02/03/2020
Build size = 4830kb.
Change Nakama endpoint to Prod2.
Update Nakama JavaScript code to latest. See nakama-js.umd.js at https://github.com/heroiclabs/nakama-js/tree/master/dist ** Note: Slipstream have made a couple of tiny modifications to this, so be sure to merge these in to Nakama's version.
Strip loads of code out of nakama-js.umd.js, using // removeIf(NAKAMA_CODE_STRIPPING) (Updates gulpfile.js). Motivation is performance - now have less JavaScript to interpret, rather than build size (saves only 2kb from the .zip).
PuzzleShapeFactory.js asynchronously loads the PuzzleShape materials (contraint-indicators) now. In PlayCanvas assets, all assets in folders /Materials/Blocks/Constraint Indicators/* should now be tagged with 'MaterialConstraintTag' and have their Preload tickbox OFF.
v0.9.19 - Uploaded 27/02/2020
Build size = 5010kb. Decrease vs previous version is due to removing 1024x128 SLIPSTREAM LABS texture, on loading screen.
Refactor FrontEndMenu._adWatched().
Server change: FTUE - If any player is still in the FTUE, ensure a FTUE level is selected. This is so that all players complete all 3 FTUE levels in sequence, so they always level up to L2.
Server change: PuzzleSelection - Previously the PuzzlePicker machine used the Level of the LEADER player to define the Puzzle-Pool. So if a leader is at L3, but non-leader players are at L8, the server would only pick levels from Group3. Whereas if the leader was L8, and the non-leaders are at L3, the server would pick levels up to Group8. This has been changed such that now, the PuzzlePicker code on the server now picks from the puzzle-group of the highest level of all active players in the session.
v0.9.18 - Uploaded 26/02/2020
PUBLIC RELEASE. Nakama Server endpoint = PROD_1
Build size = 5020kb. Increase over previous version is due to adding the new backup Ad texture.
Bug-fix: Previous build (0.9.16) had broken Level-Up UI in the results screen. (Due to optimisation work). Now fixed.
New Backup Ad UI.
v0.9.16 - Uploaded 25/02/2020
Build size = 4929kb.
Bug-fix: In 0.9.13, could still press the "AD BREAK" button to watch an ad! Cannot do this now.
Build size optimisations. .zip size is now 4929kb.
Preload flag turned off for many more things. e.g. FTUE images, Lens Icons, SnapCode icons, some Bot anims.
In Game.js, load the FTUE texture assets when level is one of the Tutorial levels ("3", "4" or "5").
v0.9.13 - Uploaded 19/02/2020
PUBLIC RELEASE. Nakama Server endpoint = PROD_1
Build size = 7021kb.
Frontend Ad cooldown - now shows "AD BREAK" for a few seconds after showing an advert.
In-Game Ad cooldown - ad button is hidden for a few seconds after showing it.
FTUE: Split up FTUE into more sections (fewer pages for each of the 3 tutorial levels). Other miscellaneous FTUE improvements.
Some levels moved from Group2 -> Group3, some from Group3->Group4, and L0049 from Group4->Group5.
L0046 moved to Group15.
XP thresholds modified. (Server-side change).
v0.9.12 - Uploaded 14/02/2020
Same as 0.9.11, but with the FPS counter disabled. (Uploaded 12 minutes after 0.9.11 was uploaded!)
v0.9.11 - Uploaded 14/02/2020
Bug-fix: Updated the ads so that they cannot be retriggered by tapping on the screen on the UI which isn't disabled 'underneath' the advert.
Analytics: 4 new analytics design events have been added to track the App Launch context:
v0.9.10 - Uploaded 13/02/2020
Implements the INDIVIDUAL app-launch context menu. Re-works the boot and auth flow, so big change!
v0.9.8 - Uploaded 06/02/2020
Improve the SKIP prompt in the results flow.
Show 'teaser' SnapCode for Red-Bot Lens, after the player completes the first 3 Tutorial Levels.
v0.9.7 - Uploaded 05/02/2020
Improve error handling and logging in the _shareSticker() function.
Bug-fix: Minor bug-fix in _shareSticker() function. (Set retry attempts back to 0 on success).
Re-write (again) of advertising code, to hopefully reduce likelihood of errors when watching adverts.
New feature: Show "SKIP" UI-prompt in the results screens.
New feature: Show a Lens SnapCode popup in the frontend, first time the player has levelled up to L2. (i.e. Tutorial Levels completed).
Bug-fix: If first-time player, and joining a session where a game was already in progress, could show incorrect FTUE popup.
v0.9.6 - Uploaded 30/01/2020
PUBLIC RELEASE. Nakama Server endpoint = PROD_1
3rd ingame camera has been changed, so it no longer follows players, it is a side-on view.
v0.9.5 - Uploaded 30/01/2020
Once a player has reached their Exit Portal, they will no longer be able to make further moves.
Bug fix: For the auto-join feature in 0.9.4. Only auto-join if Nakama session state is SESSION_STATE_READY.
Bug fix: (In Results.js) For occasional bad-index used when setting Bitmojis. (See _updateVoteWinnerUI()).
Bug fix: Some asserts were using the wrong variable in the string interpolation. This is fixed.
v0.9.4 - Uploaded 23/01/2020
Clients joining a session with a leader will be automatically made an active player, if a slot is available.
New feature: Implements a means for players to suggest to other players, which blocks to move. Tapping on a PuzzleShape which is owned by another player, will shake that PuzzleShape to act as a visual suggestion that that PuzzleShape should be moved.
New feature: Tapping on PuzzleShapes of other colours, which aren't owned by another player, will auto-switch the player so their bot becomes that colour.
Dev server set to Dev2.
v0.9.2 - Uploaded 17/01/2020
PUBLIC RELEASE. Nakama Server endpoint = PROD_2
Big re-work of the Ad Analytics.
Ads - if response to sc.isAdReady() is not-ready, retry ad showing (up to 12 attempts) ** WARNING! This code path hasn't been tested as we cannot repro the problems here! So fingers crossed it works :-)
World plinth asset, preload flag is now off, asset load is started when Mixer-Machine anim starts.
v0.9.0 - Uploaded 15/01/2020
Fix bug with selecting blocks + touching more than one finger on-screen at a time.
Resolve various SSLog.errors seen on WayneFab relating to Shape selection.
Show lift/drop animations for PuzzleShapes selected/deselected by remote players.
Ads: Change SDK init time to later in boot flow (now happens upon completion of frontend scene load).
Ads: Further logging to identify why adverts aren't always being shown.
Ads: Attempt to init the SDK if cannot show an ad because SDK isn't initialised.
Remove 'levelDataFromServer isn't set' error, seen on WayneFab. Check was not necessary.
Add analytics for first-time entry into home screen, first time pressing PLAY button.
v0.8.5 - Uploaded 13/01/2020
Loading time optimisations.

v0.8.3 - Dev Version
Bug-Fix: Fix timing-sensitive bug, where non-leader players could sometimes not begin a match if the leader quickly starts a new match as soon as they've returned to the Home Screen.
Tweaked analytics events when watching adverts. Please refer to analytics spreadsheet for details.
Change of wording on HomeScreen: "CAN'T PLAY" changed to "NEED COINS".
Change of wording on InfoBot: "YOU NEED A COIN TO PLAY" changed to "YOU NEED COINS TO PLAY!".
v0.8.2 - Uploaded 06/01/2020
PUBLIC RELEASE. Nakama Server endpoint = PROD_1
Bug-Fix: Remove stuck on-screen FTUE messages if a client still had them on-screen whilst another client completed the puzzle.
Tutorial - now has only 3 levels, rather than 5 (removed first 2).
Internals - changed LevelSelector.js, notably the onNakamaNotifyBoardState() function. (Speculative Fix for WayneFab warning).

v0.7.8 - Uploaded 18/12/2019

PUBLIC RELEASE. Nakama Server endpoint = PROD_2
Ability to skip past some results screen pages by tapping on the screen.
Internals - improved auth code flow.
Analytics change: Adverts reverted back to send 1c revenue for watching ads (0c was being rejected).
Bug-Fix: Bitmoji states now reset when a new level starts.
Internals - Buffer matchData messages received in onSessionData(), only dispatch them when session var is valid.

v0.7.7 - Uploaded 05/12/2019
Bug-fix: Sticker share no longer squashes screen and cause frame rate drop
Minor polish - colour changes in the frontend.
Removed Snapchat employees from credits
Removed some SSLog calls, made an assert in InGameCharacterMovement.js something handled at runtime.
Speculative bug-fix: In path-following code, don't add a new tile to the path, if it's already the last tile in the currentPath.
More results audio
Daily login audio
New analytics: For voting, not voting, sticker-sharing success, sticker-sharing error.
Even more analytics: Send analytics event if player has changed frontend Graphics setting.
Bitmojis - now improved, more responsive, bugs fixed, additional Bitmojis used.
v0.7.6 - Uploaded 03/12/2019
Bug-fix: Put the texture back into the sharing screen.
Bug-fix: Fixes infinite mixer-machine animation. Players not on the home-screen (e.g. profile menu) are not pulled into matches now.
Bug-fix: Check for sufficient currency when spectating in-game and trying to become active player. (Previously checking for >0 coins, now checks for >= cost-to-play).
Remote configuration extended to support more values, such as consume currency values, give currency, etc.
Lens screen - "LVL" changed to "LEVEL"
Tweaks to Loading Screen Slipstream Labs log.
Backend: Fixed Snap Lens awards. (Just a configuration issue).

v0.7.5 - Uploaded 02/12/2019
Bug-fix: Fixes the non-working Puzzle-Complete camera if the player skipped the intro camera.
Lenses - Known issue. Will only unlock on next session
Daily reward coin audio
Bugfix in input controller inGameCharacters
v0.7.4 - uploaded 29/11/2019
feature: ability to skip intro camera by tapping the screen. 
daily rewards
Bugfix - calling transitionToBattle() every frame sometimes.
Custom PlayCanvas loading screen.
v0.7.3 - Uploaded 29/11/2019
Converted many removeIf(PRODUCTION) -> removeIf(SNAPCHAT_APP), and enabled that stripping in the gulpfile.
Advertising analytics tweaked. (1) Send 0c as the revenue. (2) Send a new design event. (See Analytics.xlsx).
New GameAnalytics server ("Sliders-Dev") which non-SnapChat builds send data to. Analytics are always sent now, in both dev environments (-> Sliders-Dev project in GA) and SnapChat app environment (-> Sliders project in GA).
v0.7.2 - Uploaded 27/11/2019
Various bits of audio polish.
Bug-fix: Fix coms-bot showing unlit.
v0.7.1 - Uploaded 26/11/2019
Added new analytics events, including endSession() when 'Leave Game?' dialog is shown, and startSession() if that dialog is cancelled.
Further optimisations.
Bug fix: Stickers.
When player Level-Cap is reached, no further XP will be awarded. Results view will show XP awarded as "MAX {level}".
Inactivity warning, followed by activity kickout.
Make the PuzzleShape lift/drop animation frame-rate independent, add nicer animation curve for polish.
Tweaked the Shadow Settings. PuzzleShape blocks should look more grounded now wrt shadows.
v0.7.0 - Uploaded 22/11/2019
FPS Counter added in top-left corner of the screen
v0.6.9-RC1 - Uploaded 21/11/2019
Implemented server backed string table
Added back distinct start game message. When lead player presses PLAY, other clients start game at same time too.
Graphics toggle
Results improvements
Bitmoji bugfixes
Daily Reward animation tweaks
UI/UX Polish
Gulp build improvements: Strip level .json files from sliders.zip, minify .js __game-scripts.js, remove debug logging.
v0.6.8-RC1 - Uploaded 15/11/2019
Implemented first pass of Bitmoji states in game. Shows different Bitmoji when doing things etc.
Improvement to FTUE level selection.
v0.6.7-RC1, v0.6.7-RC2 - Uploaded 13/11/2019
Fix: Ensure seconds display in the results screen is zero padded (01:07 now, before it would display 01:7)
Remove old animations from PlayCanvas assets folder. Will save some memory + download size.
Tidy up InGameCharacterAnimator.js, remove un-needed lookups for the AnimationTester scene.
Improve character movement and animation when following paths of chars on other clients.
v0.6.6 - Uploaded 13/11/2019
In-game character animation overhauled and improved.
v0.6.5 - Uploaded 13/11/2019
Character syncing fix.
Set Nakama server to LIVE.
v0.6.4 - Uploaded 11/11/2019
Placeholder Daily Reward
Various GameAnalytics fixes and improvements.
Support for Snap's 'Individual Context'.
"Coming Soon"
v0.6.3 - Uploaded 08/11/2019
Analytics improvements based on feedback from Jade.
Experiment: Remove tap-character-to-select - can only use buttons at the top of the screen to switch chars.
Improve resolution of Bitmojis. (Set graphicsDevice.maxPixelRatio).
Remove highlight sprite when a PuzzleShape has been picked up.
v0.6.2 - Uploaded 07/11/2019
UI/UX Polish
Re-write of Character movement code, fixes bugs, simplifies code, smoother motion.
v0.6.1 - Uploaded 05/11/2019
No coins button.
Block dragging is much improved.
Results scroll
UI/UX Polish
v0.6.0 - Uploaded 01/11/2019
Animation updates
Scrolling front end text
Coin anim

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